License information

When you purchase content from TravelStock, all content comes with a standard license that lets you use the content for personal or business related matters that is not restricted by the license. You can read more about full usage in our licence agreement .

Then you also have the option of buying additional right for an additional fee. You can see the additional costs in our pricing list.


You get to buy high quality pictures and features at very low prices. You can use them on your website, social media, print and presentations, and if it is not marked editorial only, you can also use it in advertising and marketing.

Extended licenses 1 and 2
Do you want to make sure that your business is the only one publishing this content in your country, or in the world? For extra credit, you have the option of securing exclusive rights for one year.

Exclusive license
If you want to share the content with other publishers or customers and let them also print it, you need to buy an exclusive license. Only you have the rights to this article, and you can use it as many times as you want, in as many media. You might not sell it, but you can give it away for free to others.

The exclusive rights are for words only. Pictures may appear in other articles or single downloads. All exclusive rights are valid for one year.

Under no license are you permitted to use content in digital or electronic templates intended for resale, such as website templates, business cards, brochure design templates etc. or for products intended for sale where the content is the main objective, such as posters, greeting cards, t-shirts or stationary.

In your personal customer pages, you can see your purchase history and download previous purchases. Just remember that the download link to features will be disconnected one year after publishing date. You can still use the purchased material, it is just disconnected to be updated and thus the link will not be valid.